Death by Tequila. We know, we know, muy oscuro. We don't mean it literally, of course. After all, our vibe is all about passion, community and good times. But there's no light without darkness. No life without death. And the tension between the two is our source of creativity. It's where we feel alive. It's the space that represents the death of the predictable and the birth of something new and exciting, a celebration of life.

As the saying goes, "los muertos al cajón y los vivos al fiestón" 
(the dead to the coffin and the living to the party).


Meet our antihero. Skullito embodies the rebellious spirit of Baja. He's the hombre at the end of the bar with intriguing black eyes and deadpan humor, dry as a sun-scorched arroyo. He'll amuse you with tales of adventure on the high seas, evocative as salty skin, and stories that would make your abuela blush. By day he stares down the barrel of a wave off a deserted Baja beach. After dusk, you'll find him with a sinfully smooth mezcal in bony hand. Join him and he'll tip his sombrero.

Offer him bad tequila? "Sobre mi cadaver" (over my dead body).